The Hague


Seminal synth nerd Legowelt joined us at NTS for a monthly residency in the April of 2015. Expect an impossibly thorough tour of scuzzed out Memphis rap, banging electro, and rosy house rollers: a proper education.

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  • David Whittaker & Tohru Nakabayashi-Amiga Version of Golden Axe Soundtrack
  • Viper (the Rapper)-As My New Ride Crawls G Funk Summerbeat
  • Cliff Lothar-The World is Yours
  • Boards of Canada-Nlogax
  • Tim Follin-Ghouls & Ghosts Commodore 64 Soundtrack
  • Pupajim-International Farmer
  • Boomback-Ghetto Life
  • Tommy Wright III-Four Corners
  • Sir Mixalot-My Posse Is On Broadway
  • Dam Funk Snoop Dogg 7 days of Funk-Fadin' Away
  • Jacques Malchange-Le Mer D'Hiver
  • MC Kaman-Talk About a Child
  • Electrobopacek-Atlantic Intertravel Amiga Tales
  • Berk-4x4 Gasman Music
  • Black Madonna-We Can Never be Apart
  • Creta Kano-Galactic Halo
  • Legowelt-Forgot The Title But Its On My Soundcloud
  • Ebony-Real Truth
  • AphroHead-Yesterday
  • Jupiter Jax-Thats the Way
  • Baba Stiltz-Lill High (Filipina 2) mm
  • Daze-Drag Ball
  • Nguzunguzu-Break In
  • Jorge Velez-AIrplanes
  • Cedric Winkelburger & The Blueberries-Take it Easy
  • Simon Haydo-They Keep Calling Me
  • X101-Sonic Destroyer
  • DJ Spider-Crack Factory Open For Business
  • Herzel-The Way U Feel (Cliff Lothar's Goodbye Ponies Remix)
  • Chris Moss Acid-The Grin
  • Phochos-Frimaire