Livin' Proof



Livin' Proof have established themselves as London's liveliest hip-hop party and DJ collective in the capital. Growing from strength to strength, these NTS day-one broadcasters presents a monthly 2 hour selection of 100% pure hip-hop - old and new; Danny Brown to DITC.

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  • Bergs-Touch In Touch Out
  • Ninkisun-Purple Halo (original mix)
  • Kay Suzuki-Don't Be Afraid Of Da Future (Burntprogress mix)
  • Gawaian-Will It Ever Stop? (feat Surgical Inspecta)
  • Blacksmile -She makes me
  • LV-Zulu Compurar
  • Studio City-Mimezine
  • Morgan Zarate-SP
  • Paul White-The Dragon Fly
  • Morgan Zarate-BHC
  • Duchy-Rewind
  • Analog Jones-Smog
  • Floating Points-Esthian 3
  • Mr Beatnick-Green is the Colour of Hope feat. Fatima