Livity Sound w/ Simo Cell



Livity Sound's monthly residency delivers two hours of the best techno, house and UK soundsystem music. Label crew on rotation: Kowton, Peverelist, Asusu, Batu, Simo Cell, Forest Drive West and more..

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  • Tapes-Good Thing You Came Along
  • Ptaki-Nie Zabijaj
  • Errol Bellot-What a wonderful feeling
  • Susan Cadogan-Do It Baby (aka Nice and Easy)
  • Smoke Signals-A Very Powerful Spell [Forthcoming Kings Chamber]
  • Snorre Magnar Solberg & Dj Sotofett-Untitled A1
  • Hallucinator-Kilimanjaro
  • Peverelist-Gather
  • Stephane Laporte-Ossature
  • Eight Miles High-Things that keep you warm
  • M_R-Tea and Oranges
  • Urban Tribe-Eastward (4th Wave Straight 40s Reconstruction)
  • Machine Woman-Very Kind Human Being
  • WWC-Sea Bering
  • ABSL-Théia [unreleased]
  • Simo Cell-Crystal [unreleased]
  • Artefakt-Solaris [forthcoming Field]
  • Aci_Edits-03
  • Greg Beato-Haunting [forthcoming LIES]
  • Randomer & Hodge-Second Free [forthcoming dnuoS ytiviL]
  • Braukovick-Weird [unreleased]
  • Minor Science-Side Naturally Spineless [forthcoming Whities]
  • Studio OST-Unnatural City
  • Jamal Moss-Track 5
  • Ibrahim Alfa-Drifting
  • Underground Resistance-Afrogermanic
  • Peev-Inflict [Unreleased]
  • Aci_Edits-09
  • Society of Silence-(Dj Stingray RMX) [forthcoming Concrete Music]
  • Max D-A Billion Drops in Space
  • La Monte Young-13_73