Loose Bones



Loose Bones Radio is the musical imagination of two brothers bringing you the best of alternative music; from snotty punk to Italian library sounds, through to neurotic new wave, gothic gems and unearthed groovers from the 60s and 70s. Jump aboard the silver machine and get them bones loose...

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  • Screaming Lord Sutch-Purple People Eaters
  • Count Five-Pretty Big Mouth
  • The Cramps-Strychnine
  • MC5-Starship
  • Acid King-Heavy Load
  • Pentagram-Evil Seed
  • Primus-The Presman
  • Cro Mags-Malfunction
  • Karen Dalton-To My Heros
  • Flat Duo Jets-Two Headed Cow
  • Fecal Matter-Vaseline
  • Crime-Crime Wave
  • The Birthday Party-Dim Locator
  • Taddy-Woodgoblins
  • Bad Brains-Banned In D.C
  • Electric Wizard-Scorpio Curse
  • The Who-Boris The Spider
  • The Undertones-Mars Bar