Loose Bones



Loose Bones Radio is the musical imagination of two brothers bringing you the best of alternative music; from snotty punk to Italian library sounds, through to neurotic new wave, gothic gems and unearthed groovers from the 60s and 70s. Jump aboard the silver machine and get them bones loose...

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  • Half Church-Turmoil
  • Dead Sea-Spray Pals
  • Steve Fisk-Tongues
  • Bauhaus-Silent Hedges
  • The Cure-Three Imaginary Boys
  • The Meteor-My Daddy Is a Vampire
  • Gun Club-Yellow Eyes
  • Sonic Youth-Malibu Gas Station
  • Presence of Mind-100 Flowers
  • Saccharine Trust-A human certainty
  • Joy Division-I Remember Nothing
  • Front-Polaroid
  • Jelly Fish-JJ Brunell
  • Beat You-Vicious Visions
  • Beak-Pill
  • Silver Apples-Oscillations
  • The Ventures-Let There Be Drums
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-Red Right Hand