Love Drain



Writer, DJ and your host Joe Muggs locks down Love Drain for a monthly Monday morning: expect ambient, glitch, some spoken stuff and whatever other weird drone, folk or jazz he has on hand.

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  • Simon Fisher Turner-Sleepthru
  • Sinner DC-Endless Valley (Sonic Boom Mbc Version)
  • Deepchord-Vantage Isle (Convextion Remix)
  • Alireza Mashayekhi-Shur, Op.15
  • Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia-The Tides (They Turn)
  • Aisha Orazbayeva & Tim Etchells-A Blind Eye Turning
  • AGF-Liniendicke
  • PISS-Piece of Piss
  • Lavender Flu-Beer Gardens
  • Wagner / Murcof-Gnossienne 3 (Murcof Version)
  • Disastronaut-Itchy Joanna
  • Sanso Xtro-The Last Leaf
  • Parc En Ciel-Maastricht
  • Shirk-Itchytime
  • Tonto's Expanding Head Band-Riversong
  • Vivian Stanshall-The Beasht Inside
  • Gagarin-Sandymore
  • Astor Piazzola-Milonga del Angel
  • Edith Progue-4AM
  • Ezekiel Honig-Material Wrinkle
  • Purple Fluid Exchange-It's Purely Physical
  • Freaks-Eighties Throwback (Ricardo Villalobos ReEditReEdit)
  • Alan Tomlinson Trio-Live in London 1999
  • Slowdive-Erik's Song
  • James K-Bow (Submit Now!)
  • The Ecstasy Of St. Theresa-Surfing On Sine Waves (Ban Du Lunar Mix)
  • Wayne Eagle-Alone
  • Neotropic-If we were Trees
  • Jabru-Tartarus 808 (Solid Spiel Mix)
  • Urban Tribe-Lap Top
  • Jam On The Mutha-Hotel California (Orbitally Ambient Mix)
  • Tim Friese Greene-Sketch 4
  • Damu-Point & Line
  • Beth Orton-Corduroy Legs
  • Jóhann Jóhannsson-Fordlandia
  • Benin City-Take me There
  • Willie Nelson-Someone to Watch over Me
  • V1984-Crying Beneath the Surface of the Ocean as the Sunset's Rays Flicker into the Indefinite Horizon
  • Prettybwoy-Vivid Colour
  • François De Roubaix-Plongée de Glace
  • Adesse Versions-Sticks (No Kick)
  • The Lavender Flu-Feel the Ground