The Low Bias Show



The Low Bias Show finds old allies Dustin and jnrknight in the control cabin embarking on a monthly sonic odyssey: subterranean tunes through to star-studded psych and pounding industrial cityscapes.

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  • Illa Tidani-Burzum
  • Oren Ambarchi-The Final Option
  • X-102 - The Rings of Saturn
  • Howie B & Dobie-Cloud Spa
  • Finis Africae-Bahia De Los Genoveses
  • Mecanica Popular-Dag Verrotipo
  • Finis Africae-Danca Do Corpo
  • Mecanica Popular-Quiero Ipere
  • Finis Africae-Los Pobres Del Mundo Tocan El Bombo
  • Mecanica Popular-Impressionistas I
  • Finis Africae-El Abrazo De La Selva
  • John Hassell-Rain
  • Vril-CTO
  • Moebius & Plank-Farmer Gabriel (Edward's Desert Remix)
  • Deanne Day-Horicho
  • Francois K-Edge of Time
  • Underground Corpses-Terror on Cyprus Avenue
  • Bandulu-Guidance
  • Letta Mbulu-Down By The River