Werkdiscs stalwart Luke Blair, a.k.a Lukid, comes in once a month to school us on what he’s been listening to. Expect a slow-burning, cinematic couple hours of hip-hop, epic psych, dub and synth soundscapes.

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  • Jonas Munk-Fabric
  • Black Zone Myth Chant-In The Arms of The Parcae
  • Adolf Joker-Forever (BBMG Edit)
  • Adolf Joker-Infinite
  • Nidia Minaj-EDMP
  • Creta Kano-False Water
  • Recursos Ajenos/Tecnica Material-Cántico I
  • Jonas Munk-Absorb
  • Avey Tare-Tape Player Chants For Winter
  • Jib Kidder-Situations In Love
  • Grauzone-Marmelade Und Himbeereis
  • Campingsex-Schließ Die Tür
  • Izquierdo Y Cabanillas-(Me Voy a) Mallorca
  • Polartronics-The Deep (Instrumental)
  • Paul Johnson-Love Feeling
  • Marcello Napolentano-Survivor
  • Oris Jay-Biggin' Up The Massive
  • Alex Deamonds & Dean Lyon-Keep It Warm
  • Jon E Cash-Kamikaze
  • Lennie De Ice-We Are I.E. (Original Extended Edit)
  • Dennis Young-Space Reserved
  • Dennis Young-Gravitation
  • Aborigial Voices-Le Jour L'Ennuie
  • Grauzone-Eisbær
  • Recursos Ajenos/Tecnica Material-Gatos
  • Michael Ferragosto-Synthdrome At The Disco
  • Steve Pointdexter-Computer Madness (Original Mix)
  • Marcus Mixx-Psychousic
  • Hama-Tagout