meandyou w/ Andrew Lyster & Herron



The Mancunian party crew (and latest addition to the list of ridiculous new labels) bring their vibes down south to show us how they do. Chugging minimal, abyssal techno and more.

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  • Broken Toys-Guests of Reality
  • Nurse With Wound-The Self Sufficient Sexual Shoe
  • Peder Manerfelt-mother and crow
  • Yard-White fog
  • Rezzett-Doyce
  • eszaid-777 (forthcoming meandyou)
  • The Smoke Clears-September
  • m-r
  • atropia-work this
  • The Exhaultics-Never be enough
  • octave one-covenant
  • cobblestone jazz-peace offering
  • mono junk-with you
  • the tapes-the day of silence
  • playgroup-Shadowplay dub #2
  • val_ex-sacrifice
  • Moralez-zodak
  • Cooly G-Feeling you
  • studio ost-above the waves
  • disjeckta-looking for snags
  • moscow death disco-we punk ravers
  • bryce hackford-demeaning
  • rulolph c-don't tell me how to feel
  • murray cy-into amnesia (forthcoming lies)
  • etch-tin foil hard hat
  • octave one-epilogue
  • emv-Porch Step (Dem hunger yellow bubbles remix)
  • l’ultimo arcano-1984-1985
  • belarisk-the hand that bit itself