Midnight Marauders w/ Marshmello



Marsha by name and mellow by nature, MarshmeLLo takes you on a musical journey of all her influences plus a little extra. The first show ever broadcast on the station, Marsha continues to find her groove...

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  • The Rappin Reverend-I Aint Into That
  • Portishead-SOS
  • Miles Davis & Robert Glasper-Maiysha
  • Taylor Mcferrin-Postpartum (Dorian Concept Remix)
  • Dam Funk-Things that Dreams are Made of
  • Pankow-Girls & Boys
  • Braun vs Ubebe-Neotony
  • Mega Jawns-Silver Lining (Mr Cisums Above the Storm Mix)
  • Paul McCartney-Whats That You're Doing (Scratch n Sniff Remix)
  • P-Funk All-Stars - Hydraulic Pump
  • Merk & Monk-Carried Away (Larry Levan Remix)
  • Kickflip Mike & Juilius Conrad-Three Turtles
  • Chaos in the CBD-Global Erosion
  • Modified Man-Modification
  • Zanzibar Chanel-Killer
  • Kickflip Mike & Juilius Conrad-BBQ Skit
  • Kickflip Mike & Juilius Conrad-Some Joint
  • Tall Black Guy-The Heart of The Town
  • Mick's Nuts-Me, Myselves and V256
  • Mick's Nuts-If I Grow up
  • Mick's Nuts-You Can Not Get Clean with Champagne
  • Mick's Nuts 1-Problems
  • Mick's Nuts 1-Just to Fill That Need
  • Mick's Nuts 1-Craverse Traverse
  • Badbadnotgood-Time Moves Slow
  • Romeo + Juliet-Everybody's Free
  • Doris Ann Allen-Who Will Open the Book of the Seven Seals
  • Badbadnotgood-Speaking Gently
  • Lips-The Old Empire