A Fist in the Face of God presents: Midnite Madness



Midnite Madness endeavours to unearth the spirit of the ancient metal gods as well as the genre's new flesh, taking in most styles—heavy, thrash, black, speed, death, punk, doom, etc. There will be some exclusion: no nu-metal, no triggered drums, no posers and no requests. Only metal is real!

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  • Trench Hell-Intro/Night Stalker
  • Trench Hell-Southern Cross Ripper
  • Bastardator-Power Of The Temples
  • Inepsy-Rnb Babylon
  • Evil Army-Conquer Human Life
  • Children Of Technology-Screams From The Earth
  • Speedwolf-Hell & Back
  • Iron Fist-Death To All
  • Whipstriker-We Came From The Wild Land
  • Atmoic Roar-Mutants
  • Diabloic Force-Piss On The Holy Ghost
  • G.A.T.E.S-G.A.T.E.S
  • Iron Dogs-Razors Of Doom
  • Saulte-Downtown
  • Omega-Hellhammer
  • Power Trip-Drown
  • Cro-Mags - Street Justice
  • Cryptic Slaughter-Lowlife
  • Beowilf-Get The Grind
  • Bullidozer-Fallen Angel
  • Onslaught-The Devils Legion
  • English Dogs-Ambassador Of Fear
  • Sacreliege-The Fear Within
  • Voivod-Fuck Off And Die
  • Warfare-Abortion Sequence
  • Warfare-Hungry Dogs
  • E.X.E-Autopsy
  • Motorhead-Bite The Bullet
  • Bathroy-Sacrifice
  • Venom-Black Metal (Radio One Session)
  • Hellhammer-Maniac
  • Death Strike-Mangled Dehumanisation
  • Darkthrone-F.O.A.D