Midnite Madness



Midnite Madness endeavours to unearth the spirit of the ancient metal gods as well as the genre's new flesh, taking in most styles—heavy, thrash, black, speed, death, punk, doom, etc. There will be some exclusion: no nu-metal, no triggered drums, no posers and no requests. Only metal is real!

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  • Charged G.B.H-The Prayer For A Realist
  • Crudity-Logner
  • Associal-Jag Hater Dom
  • Mob 47-Logner
  • Totalir-Det Ar Samma Fortyck
  • The Varukers-Neglected
  • Anti Climex-Make My Day
  • Heresy-Never Healed
  • Ripcord-Defiance Of Power
  • Extreme Noise Terror-Another Nail In The Coffin
  • Stupids-You Shoulda Listened
  • Intense Degree-Take No Chances
  • Napalm Death-The Kill
  • Ripcord-Thnatchula
  • Heresy-Trapped In A Scene
  • Stupids-You Die
  • Cowboy Killers-Ku Klux Klan Wives On Holiday
  • Extereme Noise Terror-Carry On Screaming
  • Ripcord-Drugshit
  • Napalm Death-Polluted Minds
  • Corwboy Killers-Jesus Entering From The Rear
  • Exterme Noise Terror-Propoganda
  • Stupids-I Don’t Wanna Get Involved With You
  • Hersey-Anguish Of War
  • Napalm Death-Instinct Survival
  • Intense Degree-Intense Degree
  • Hersey-Sick Of Stupidity
  • Stupids-Heard It All Before
  • Exterme Noise Terror-System Enslavement
  • Intense Degree-Alligiance
  • Hersey-Dead
  • Onslaught-Skullcrusher I
  • Sacrilege-Lifeline
  • Amebix-The Church Is For Sinners
  • Hellkrusher-Wateland
  • Abscess-I Don’t Give A Fuck
  • Disclose-Dying Of Disease
  • Gloom-Death Hearth
  • Driller Killer-Kiler (With A Badge)
  • Disfear-Disavowed
  • Infermoh-Besk Oblat
  • Infernoh-Avgrunders Hus
  • Electric Funeral-Nightmares
  • Electric Funeral-I Am The Dead
  • Electric Funeral-Raised On (Punk) Rock (Dark Throne Cover)
  • Disguise-Useless Law
  • Vermin-Distined For Painful Termination
  • Church Whip-Bring Him
  • Kromosom-Human Shell
  • Absolut-Martyr Fuck Off
  • Mutilated Versions-Blood Militia
  • Culo-Drained Blood
  • Shallow Concussion-Revulsion
  • Children Of Technology-Fear The Mohawk Reaper