Mild Animals w/ Giovanni Marks

Los Angeles


Stick jazz, psych, afrobeats and hip-hop in a pot and give it a whirl. Mild Animals ease in the weekend.

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  • Baast-The Anubis Dawn
  • Erasmo Carlos-Sabado Morto
  • DJ Shadow-Midnight in the Perfect World (Gab Mix)
  • Lojii & Swarvy-iiidk
  • Mndsgn-Deerghalabhati (Zero Remix)
  • Buttering Trio-From the Tree (Free the Robots Remix)
  • France Gall-Frankenstien
  • Drummetrics-Collect Call
  • Daedelus-Know what you'd like
  • Fifty Foot Hose-If not this time
  • Monophonics-9 Mirage
  • Jonwayne-The Single
  • Annathewise-Princess Complex
  • Eje Thelin Group-Time
  • Luiz Bonfa-Danse V
  • Catalyst-East
  • Bob & Gene-If this world were mine
  • Tom Ze-Toc
  • Phil Ranelin-Vibes from the Tribe
  • Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett-Name of the Game
  • Imants Kalinis un Menuets-Dziesmina puscetros no rita
  • Jorge Ben-Errare Humanum
  • Freestyle Fellowship-Cornbread
  • Metin H. Alatli-Lorke
  • Mike Melvoin-One
  • Lil Noid-Try me
  • Band Apart-Strainer
  • Six Finger Satellite-The pain has gone away
  • Jeff and Jane Hudson-3X3
  • Gogogo Airheart-Good Things
  • Ciccone Youth-Get in the groove-y
  • K8 MO$$-A U (feat. N8 NoFace)
  • Ovum Hum-Hybrid Tribes
  • Stomach Club-Monkey See Money Do
  • Company Flow-Tragedy of War in 3 parts
  • The Koreatown Oddity-Meditative Thought
  • July-My Clown