Mount Kimbie, Midland & James Holden



Warp's very own Mount Kimbie on NTS for all of September. It's a tried and tested formula: they're playing a lot of seriously pretty music, as well bringing some pretty impressive mates to the studio. Fair.

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  • Lutto Lento-The Boat Can Leave Now
  • Will Powers-Adventures In Success
  • Talking Heads-Animals
  • Micachu & The Shapes-Oh Baby
  • James Holden-Gone Feral
  • Martial Solal-Electrodes
  • Izem-Saden Feat Feathers
  • Christopher Tophill-The Song Of The Shadows
  • Mahmoud Guinia-Bania
  • Luke Abbott & Jack Wiley-Xantako
  • The Pyramids-Indigo Suite
  • Polar bear-Maliana
  • Spooky-Spooky & Seneschal
  • Rocket Number Nine-Two Ways
  • Hieroglyphic Being-A Romance Of 2 Planets
  • Mount Kimbie-Untitled
  • The Golden Filter-Lappool
  • Dolkraut-Untitled
  • Tissu-Up
  • Red Axes-Na Da
  • Steve Murphy-Spleen
  • Samuel-Static On the Dancefloor
  • AKASE-Beseech
  • Rexy-In The Force
  • Apple & The Three Oranges-I'll Give You A Ring (When I Come, If I Come)
  • The Crumb Brothers-Seat In Kingdom