Music To Ease Your Disease



Strap yourself in and prepare for some Music To Ease Your Disease. Three of London's most noted sonic archaeologists will be selecting some choice ingredients from their collections to concoct a deeply psychoactive brew for your aural pleasure. Expect electric jazz, abstract funk, microscopic noisebursts, minimal repetitions, West Coast cool, and deep space soundscapes as Mike Keelin, Lascelle Gordon and Micky Donnelly take you on a long, strange trip through the outer limits.

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  • Haboob-Morning Prayer
  • Brokeback-Return To The Orange Grove
  • Bruno Nicolai-Spied
  • David Axelrod-The Sick Nesi
  • Jean Claude Vannier-Le Roi Des Mouches Et La Confiture De Roses
  • Rupture-Israel Suite
  • Marc Moulin-Phalenc
  • Soft Machine-As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still
  • Steve Grossman-Sixth Sense
  • Volker Kriegel-Slums on Wheels
  • The Keith Tippet Quartet-This Is What Happens
  • Stone Alliance-Vaya Mulatto
  • Bobby Hutcherson-Mtume
  • Eric Kloss-Doors
  • Horace Silver-Hearing With Understanding
  • Houston Person-The Pulpit
  • Morris Pert-Chromosphere
  • Fi - Pete Zumo-Sci
  • Moondog-Theme
  • Gary Bartz-Perihelion And Aphelion
  • Sunny murray-RPI
  • Tony Conrad-May
  • Chris Mcgregor's Bortherhood of Breath-The Bride
  • Lacy's Out East - Charles Taylor-Cha
  • Octavio Burnier-Aproximacao
  • King James Version-He Loves You
  • William Hudon III-Love So Great
  • Pator TL Barrett Jt.-In The Old The Way
  • Glouscester Williams-No Cross No Cown
  • Larry T & The Family-I'm Moving On
  • Sun Ra-When There Is No Sun