Music To Ease Your Disease



Strap yourself in and prepare for some Music To Ease Your Disease. Three of London's most noted sonic archaeologists will be selecting some choice ingredients from their collections to concoct a deeply psychoactive brew for your aural pleasure. Expect electric jazz, abstract funk, microscopic noisebursts, minimal repetitions, West Coast cool, and deep space soundscapes as Mike Keelin, Lascelle Gordon and Micky Donnelly take you on a long, strange trip through the outer limits.

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  • Julie Tippets-Sunset Glow
  • Winters Going-Bonnie Dobson
  • Lee Moses-Never In My Life
  • Adam Makowicz-Sacred Song
  • Sweet Maya-People Suite
  • Harold Mckinney-Freedom Jazz Dance
  • Awa-Stomu Odori
  • Sun Ra-Rome At Twilight
  • Ensemble Al-Salaam-Optomistical
  • Alan Ginsberg-`Pacific City High Street Matras
  • Henry Cow-Deluge
  • Lester Bowie-Number 2
  • Sabu Martinez-The Distorted Sioux Indian
  • Moondog-Lullaby
  • Pink Chunk Jazz Band-Untitled
  • Java Gamelan-Sennegott
  • Air-Air Song
  • Rashaan Roman Kirk-Salvation & Reminiscent
  • John Coltrane-Love
  • Neal Creque-This Too Shall Pass
  • Horace Tapscott-Desert Fairy Princess
  • Rashid Ali Leroy Jenkis Duo-It's For You
  • Raglani Duo-Heart of Glass
  • Sun Ra-My Brother The Wind
  • Joe Mcphee-Song for Lauren