NAAFI w/ Lechuga Zafiro & TAYHANA

Mexico City


Mexican record label, Naafi, settle in at NTS for a showcase of the weirdest experimentations in club culture that have bubbled to the surface of Soundcloud. Dazed rhythms converging into Jersey stutters, and tumblr-era trap for two straight hours on a Monday.

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  • Mother Goddess x DJ Haram-Basic
  • Foozool-kenats
  • P.R. All-Stars (feat. Ivy Queen, Mexicano 777, Don Chezina, Rey Pirin, Winchester Yankee)
  • WWWings-Artificial (remix)
  • Steve Roach & Robert Rich-Mica
  • Yoshitaka Hikawa-EFN-001
  • Moro-Caretanfo
  • California Drift-don't get all of your tvs back.1
  • Zutzut-Placas
  • Lechuga Zafiro-Agua y Puerta
  • Joao Pavigo-Sticky Na Fap
  • Mhysa-jezebel (prod. SCRAAATCH)
  • DJ MA x Standingwave-Gomenazai (cell phone mic)
  • Tribes of Neurot-Wolf Lava
  • Brood Ma-EMJ-12
  • George and Gracie-Whales Alive
  • Mc Tock-Aqui Na Mangueira
  • Lechuga Zafiro-ita
  • Uatki-O Ovo da Serpente