Nitetrax - Prince Special Part 2



Manuel Zambrano, the artist behind some extraordinarily beautiful vinyl artwork and the boss of record label Citinite.

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  • Prince and the Revolution-17 Days
  • Prince and the Revolution-♥ or $ (Extended Version)
  • Prince-Movie Star
  • Prince-U Got the Look (Long Look)
  • Prince and the Revolution-Raspberry Beret (New Mix)
  • Prince and the Revolution-Alexa de Paris (Extended Version)
  • Prince-Crystal Ball
  • Prince-Last Heart
  • Prince (1)-Sexy Dancer (Long Version)
  • Prince (1)-Cloreen Baconskin
  • Prince (2)-Let’s Work (Dance Remix)
  • Prince (2)-Just as Long as We’re Together (Disco Mix)
  • Prince (1)-Little Red Corvette (Dance Mix)
  • Prince and the Revolution (1)-Pop Life (Extended Version)
  • Prince and the Revolution (1)-Girl
  • Prince and the Revolution (2)-I Would Die 4 U (Extended Version)
  • Prince and the Revolution (2)-Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix)