Nitetrax w/ Elena Colombi



Manuel Zambrano, the artist behind some extraordinarily beautiful vinyl artwork and the boss of record label Citinite.

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  • Pink Industry-Pain Of Pride
  • Nina Hagen-Soma Koma
  • Steel Mind-Bad Passion
  • Madame X-Just That Type Of Girl
  • Umo Vogue-Just My Love
  • S.H.E.I.L.A feat "The Voice"-Mr Policeman (Radio mix)
  • Smokey-Temptation
  • Lilli Berlin-My Sweet Virginity
  • Saada Bonaire-Invitation
  • Dee Lite-What Is Love
  • N.O.I.A.-True Love To Survive (Looking For Love)
  • N.O.I.A.-True Love (Sexual Version)
  • Dinosaur-Kiss Me Again (Medlar edit)
  • Prince-La, La, La, He, He, Hee (Highly Explosive)
  • Bjork-I Miss You (Avalon Emerson Foudre Rebrush)
  • Electra-Feels Good
  • Little Little-Tickle Me
  • Man to Man-I Need A Man
  • Ashaye-Electricity
  • Up Front-Infatuation
  • Sexual Harrassment-Exercise Your Ass Off
  • Severed Heads-Never Fall in Love
  • Honeymoon Killers-Laisse Tomber Les Filles
  • Bill Summers-It's Over
  • Ventre De Biche-Etre Ton Chien
  • Platains-I Feel Love
  • Eurythmics-In The Garden
  • Cristina-When U Were Mine
  • Maurice-A Little Bit OF Lovin'
  • Tanya Tagaq-Rape Me