Nitetrax w/ Luke Vibert - Classic Uk Hip Hop Special



Manuel Zambrano, the artist behind some extraordinarily beautiful vinyl artwork and the boss of record label Citinite.

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  • 20 Seconds To Comply-Silver Bullet
  • Hijack-Hold No Hostage (Vocal Version)
  • DJ Mink feat The K.I.D. & Carruthers-Hard Rap
  • Gunshot-Battle Creek Brawl (4minute warning mix)
  • Bomb The Bass-Megablast Rap feat Merlin (Version)
  • E.M.C.-Bad Stuff
  • Unique 3-Musical Melody
  • The Dynamic Guv'nors-I Want Some Scratch
  • Bomb The Bass-Hey You! Feat Aurra
  • London Posse-Original London Style
  • NSO Force Organisation-Give It Up
  • Derek B-Bad Young Brother (Billy Beat Mix)
  • Overlord X-14 Days In May
  • Gunshot-Crime Story
  • Sindecut-Wisdom
  • Krispy 3-The Sound
  • The Bambi Murders-Killa Instinct
  • Hardnoise-Mice In The Presence Of The Lion
  • Standing Ovation-Shadows Of Mayhem
  • Overlord X-You Oughta Get Rushed
  • Johnny M C-Uno Get Rough
  • Cash Crew-Wash Rock
  • Mc Mello-Open Up Ypur Mind!
  • Private Party-Don't Distress This Groove
  • Korperayshun-K-Factor
  • Krispy 3-Don't Be Mislead
  • Son Of Noise-Master Of Menace
  • Shut Up And Dance-Raps My Occupation
  • S.L. Troopers-Movement
  • Son Of Noise-Retrocide
  • Hardnoise-Untitled
  • The Blapps Posse-Don't Hold Back
  • MC Untouchables-Cold House
  • Bug Khan Plastic Jam-Made In Two Minutes
  • Demon Boyz-Dett
  • Blade-Forward