No Weapon Is Absolute



Cosmo Vitelli & DJ Sundae head up the monthly hour-long slot for No Weapon Is Absolute, direct from Paris...

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  • BeNe GeSSeRiT-On Protège Bien Les Requins
  • Family Of God-The Observer Is Observed
  • Baba Zula-Ufak Dub
  • Thunder Tillman-Snake Charmers Union
  • The Missing Brazilians-Meander
  • Powerman-Lost Tribe
  • Betty Botox-Lorenz Bacall
  • King-Kong - Flying Through The Motions
  • Bainbridge-The Changing
  • Digital Poodle-Soul Crush (Manie Sans Délire Revision)
  • Silicon Soul-Pardon Moi
  • Russian Girls-Are We Here Yet
  • KGBK-Smoke
  • Kruton-Seafarer's Casket
  • Benoit B-Palais d Hiver
  • Swell Maps-Texas