Node w/ Kepla

New York


Catch NODE transmitting through the dead of night. Cyber depth-charge selections ranging from nu-industrial to modern club ergonomics, and the leftest of contemporary rap.

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  • Ana Jikia-All Gentle Minded and Elevated Souls
  • Sensational Meets Kouhei-Sensachre 10 Mix (Autechre Remix)
  • Blessed Initiative-Out with the old, in with the new flesh
  • FLORA-undine
  • Tole-DogBagDisorder
  • terribilis-femme power drone
  • DEBIT x PININGA-Gaibu Angeltherapy (The Dancepit Edit)
  • Dj Nenuco-FodĂȘncia Me largou
  • Kevin Carey-Specimen
  • Wang Fan & Dickson Dee-Sin
  • FAKA-Kgotso
  • Steven Warwick-Canyon Shadow
  • Dreamcrusher-Fear (and No Feeling)
  • Stine Janvin Motland-Fake Synthetic Voice (live)
  • Moor Mother-Parallel Nightmares
  • x/o-Angel In Ruins
  • Kepla-Lost My Head (ft Embaci, Elvin Jones, Rev. Samuel Rash)
  • Jar Moff-Tziaitzomanasou
  • Mhysa x DJ Haram-No Ordinary Love
  • Farhood-Gomnam
  • Tardast-Chiregi
  • Cryptolect-Without Fear
  • oxhy-Burning Tories
  • GIL-Many
  • Embaci-Flight and Destruction (prod. Elysia Crampton)
  • Lawd knows-Manifest ft. Klein
  • Joanne-fa 1l
  • Fis-Independently Together
  • Kepla & DeForrest Brown-Absent Personae
  • Kanye West-Only One