Noise In My Head w/ Andras Fox



Noise In My Head is a freeform sonic excursion presented by Melbourne based host Michael Kucyk. Over the years the show has been responsible for displaying talent from around the globe, from artists to DJs, label heads, compilation selectors and record collectors.

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  • Symbols & Instruments-Mood (Metaphysical Mix)
  • Begin-La Conscience
  • Ozo-Anambra
  • Papete-Promessa De Pescador
  • Pitty Mello-Beira-Mar
  • Abel-Magic Feelings
  • K-Maxx - Eye On U
  • Vera-Special Treatment
  • B-52s - Big Sleep
  • Sandii-Drip Dry Eyes
  • Mauro Macario-Renee
  • Minako Yoshida-Tornado
  • Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club-Marwencol
  • Munju-Moon You I
  • Internationales Gerauschorchester-Atai (L’eau Est Chaude)
  • Shiho Yabuki-Ki No Nagare (The Way Of Energy Flow)
  • Anselm Spring-Paradiesvogel
  • Tupac Amaru Ft. Dario Domingues-By The Round Lagoon
  • Thomas Almqvist-Sun Signs
  • Errol H. Tout-A Girl’s Name
  • Doug Mcarthur-One Eyed Walden
  • Will And James Ragar-Melting Pot
  • Munju-Ixthuluh (Lässig Und Leiwand)
  • Denny Lather-Timeless
  • Zenamon-Thirteen Little Eights
  • Kenneth Nash-You’ve Been There Before
  • Latul-New Morning
  • Johnny Yoshinga & Jogging-African Juice