Noise In My Head w/ Wolf Muller



Noise In My Head is a freeform sonic excursion presented by Melbourne based host Michael Kucyk. Over the years the show has been responsible for displaying talent from around the globe, from artists to DJs, label heads, compilation selectors and record collectors.

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  • Plaza Hotel-Schön Sein In Uniform
  • Indirect-Waltz
  • Tolouse Low Trax-Jeidem Fall (Wolf Muller Mix)
  • Ramirez-Orgasmico (Jose Manuel Revisited)
  • Abel-African Chique Edit
  • Claudettee Et Ti Pierre-Zanmi Camarade
  • Julien Babinga-Mbongui-Percussions
  • Blekbala Mujik-Mibala Yubala
  • Powder-Spray
  • Domenique Dumont-La Basse Et Les Shakers
  • Véronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul-Je Pleure Tout Le Temps (Burnt Friedman Remix)
  • Marc Chantereau-Les Insects
  • Brodmann/Pausch-Ballade Für Lore Henna
  • Stalo & Kauras-Ritz
  • Sammy Burdson-Disco Cola
  • Al Sigmund-Jungle Night
  • Sammy Burdson-Action Three
  • Waka Wakah-Waka Wakah
  • Codona 2-Malinye
  • Luis Agudo-Vem Daqui Pra La
  • Kahil El'zabar-Sunrise Serenade
  • Tupac Amaru-Awake To The Rhythm
  • Drumpact-Paradigma
  • Yogo Pausch-Besenstil
  • Takeshi Inomata-The Dialogue With Flute
  • Total Art Of Percussion-Bata Y Rumba-Guaguanco
  • Drumpact-Male E Babdue
  • Luis Agudo-Afrorera Despedida’