Good Morning Australia w/ Otologic & Leo James



Scruffy Aussies Otologic join NTS once a month for a couple hours of dishevelled disco, belting acid house, and, well, whatever else takes their fancy. Having grabbed Melbourne’s attention firmly by the balls, the duo stepped up to the plate at NTS to show us what they can do – and there’s plenty of new ones to hear.

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  • DUO J&J-Pony Flute
  • Nummer-Ajaja Rhythmus
  • Hugo Gerani-M-U-S-I-C - Take You No Bro
  • Dzeltenie Pastnieki-Nevaru Saprast Taa Neko
  • Bufiman-Peace Moves
  • Bitchin Bajas, Face Plant-Dickie Domecon
  • Freud Sofa-Sendy (Remix)
  • Boom Generation-Misfit
  • Unknown-Talk To My DJ
  • Gombeen & Doygen-7,000 Years
  • Leo James-Guest Mix
  • The Neon Judgement-See That!
  • Bruce Gilbert-Eline Cout II
  • Shakti-Forbidden Dreams
  • Nocturnal Emissions-Theme Music
  • Paul Hannah-Tribute
  • SW.-Beat Mix
  • A Split-Second - Drinking Sand (Laid Back Mix)
  • Leo James-Steel Eater
  • Luc Van Acker-Frozen Tears
  • Machine Woman-Friday Night
  • Logo-Businessmen (12" Version)
  • A.R. Kane-When You're Sad (Long Version)
  • Eden-Free (Extended Version)