Good Morning Australia w/ Tornado Wallace



Scruffy Aussies Otologic join NTS once a month for a couple hours of dishevelled disco, belting acid house, and, well, whatever else takes their fancy. Having grabbed Melbourne’s attention firmly by the balls, the duo stepped up to the plate at NTS to show us what they can do – and there’s plenty of new ones to hear.

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  • Magic Mountain High-All Aboard
  • Free Arts-unknown
  • Mikhail Chekalin-unknown
  • Weather Report-China Blues
  • Riuichi Sakamoto-Front Line
  • Splash-Tommi Ging Zum Film
  • ZED-Gom Jabbar
  • Click-Acid Deluxe
  • Andy Rantzen-Will I Dream?
  • Tomas-Mind Song
  • Planet Gong-My Heart, My Soul
  • Escape From New York-Won't Be Your Fool
  • Blue Zone-Playing With (Instrumental)
  • Asia Love-You Should Be Here (Mass Mix)
  • Cheek To Cheek-Never Give Up
  • Agape Sounds-Your Love Never Fails - Reynard 'Crazy' Frenchman's Mix
  • F.I.T.Z.-Raw Power
  • Daisy Glow-Sunday In the Park
  • Davidrex X-Let Me Feel It (Version)
  • Leo Arnibaldi-Elements
  • Enigine 0-Snake Charm
  • Africans with Mainframes-Shaped By The Earth, Powered By Nature
  • Tevo Howard-See Me For Me
  • Rex Gyamfi-Obiara Bewu
  • Dynamo Dresden-SUE014