Bill Kouligas’ label PAN have their own monthly slot on NTS with which to batter us into submission with a succession of deconstructed club juggernaughts. The gothic palette of industrial comes to the fore, coupled with ultramodern techno sound design and a worldwide view to rhythm and dance. Non-stop belters.

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  • Boredoms-Super You
  • STILL-unreleased
  • Native Instrument-Emutional Flutes
  • Lanark Artefacts-Voices Near The Hypocentre
  • Anenon-Machines
  • STILL-unreleased
  • YATTA-we never went to church
  • felicita-People don't change (they die)
  • † I M E 9 4-Sweetest Pain
  • Croatian Amor-Breathe Into Me
  • Yves Tumor-Broken In Ft. Oxhy (AYYA Remix)
  • Ismael.-Shiel
  • M.E.S.H.-unreleased
  • Pan Daijing-unreleased
  • Bergsonist-Undocumented Alien
  • Randomer-Smoking V1
  • Ismael.-As She Walks By
  • N1L-Jaget Och Maskerna
  • Umfang-Symbolic Use Of Light
  • Hokusai-Jade
  • Why Be-Heroin Hat
  • S.Y.P.H.-Regentanz
  • Oli XL-Heretic