The Paradise Show w/ Kasra V - Klaus Schulze Special



Kasra Vaseghi homes in on feel-good music: from disco to Balearic, Chicago or Italo house, Iranian disco and other misfits from the Middle East. Featuring guests including forgotten legends, local heroes or avid collectors.

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  • Klaus Schulze-Out of Limbo
  • Klaus Schulze-Gothic Ground
  • Klaus Schulze-Back to limbo
  • Klaus Schulze-Blanche
  • Richard Wahnfried-Time Echoes
  • Richard Wahnfried-Charming the wind
  • Klaus Schulze-Clear water
  • Klaus Schulze-Freeze
  • Klaus Schulze-Beyond Recall
  • Richard Wahnfried-House of India
  • Ash Ra Tempel-Friendship
  • Richard Wahnfried-Time Actor
  • Klaus Schulze-Satz: Ebene
  • Richard Wahnfried-Chicken Biryani