Party Socks w/ Len Leise & Salvador, Customs and MichiNYC



Digger and slow dance member Minus Kendal delivers everything from gospel, boogie, psyche, jazz, techno and other obscurities on a monthly basis with guests. Get your party socks on. Lets do this.

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  • Terry Riley-Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band
  • Novidade-Voaria
  • Eternal Sun-6/8 Drumz (FK's House of Echoes Edit)
  • Jean-Claude Naimaro - Aveou DouDou
  • Jolly Kanjappu-Warm Up
  • Rex Cyamfu-Efri Makoma Mu
  • Guy Cuevas-Ebony Game
  • Prince Emmanuel & Golden Ivy-Part 1
  • Batison-Mesuc u Solji
  • Black Blood-A.I.E
  • Jr Stable-Jr on the Drums
  • Serious Intention-You Don’t Know
  • Abidjan City Breakers-ACB Rap
  • Cheeky Boss-Party Time
  • Jean-Claude Naimaro - Ola O Ye
  • Ecstasy Boys-Spirit Dance
  • Bibi Flash-Histyoire D'1 soir
  • Tom of Brooklyn-Make me Wonder
  • Circle City Band-My Place
  • DJ Sports, CK & Ph1-Second Wave
  • Evil K'Neil-Get a Little
  • Akujaka-Benga Benga
  • Bombers-Don’t Stop the Music