Party Socks w/ Nick Williams & Jamie Paton



Part of London's ReviveHer crew, Minus Kendal digs deep playing everything from disco, boogie, gospel, psych and more on a monthly basis with guests.

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  • Hazylujah-Aqcua Amara (explained)
  • Hazylujah-Nothing Yet In It's True Form
  • Sad City-Again
  • Sad City-Count
  • Ryota Opp-Origin
  • Ryota Opp-Esa Tuiban
  • Ryota Opp-Stop Running Oi
  • OL-X Pleasure
  • Pearl River Sound-La Mia Citta Di Notte
  • Takuya Matsumoto-Requiem (Tomorrow Dub)
  • Lady Blacktronika-Never Anything (Beatdown Mix)
  • Minny Pops-Footsteps
  • Chris n Cosy and…-Sweet Surprise
  • Sly & Robbie-Heart Made of Rock (Dub)
  • Ujama-Replay Version
  • Bufiman-Raising (Delay Dub)
  • Anna-Systems Breaking Down
  • Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold-Truth Machine for Lovers
  • Traxx-Petit Con!
  • Harry Batasuna-Musumeci
  • Toulouse Low Trax-Rushing into Water
  • Massive Attack and Mos Def-I Against I (Instrumental)
  • Golden Teacher-Investigator (Dub)
  • Shift Work-Less Merchandise
  • Simple Minds-League of Nations