Patrick Forge - Harry Whitaker Special



Tropical rhythms, devotional boogie and soulful shenanigans with a heavy jazz undertone, Patrick Forge gathers it all up for your listening pleasure.

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  • Teruo Nakaumura-Morning Mist/ Stepping With The Lord
  • Roy Ayers Ubiquity-We Live In Brooklyn Baby
  • Harry Whitaker-Fire Sign pt 2
  • Terumasa Hino-This Planet Is Ours
  • Teruo Makamura-Love Is A Reflection In The Mirrors Of Your Eyes / Sunrise In Africa
  • Harry Whitaker-Black Renaissance
  • Harry Whitaker-Come See Through My Eyes
  • Zara McFarlane-Feed The Spirit (The Children And The Warlock)
  • Harry Whitaker-The Afterlife pt.2
  • Harry Whitaker 1-Magic Ritual
  • The Eddy Jacobs Exchange-Pull My Coat
  • Roy Ayers Ubiquity-The Boogie Back
  • Teruo Nakamura-Mescalito
  • Terumasa Hino-Send Me Your Feelings
  • Roberta Flack-I Can See The Sun In Late December