Paul Cross



Paul has been in the DJ world & music business since the early 90's, working in various record shops since the age of 17 and clocking in 15 years at DMC he has a massively wide and eclectic taste in music as a result. He now works at Flashback records in London and hosts his own show with us, as well as being part of The Hot Selection.

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  • Alice Coltrane-Journey In Satchinakanada
  • LMĀ Baloji-Heywele
  • Fabiano De Nacimiento-Forro Brasil
  • Beastie Boys-Shambala
  • Sounds Directions-Fourty Days
  • Nosaj Thing-Cold Stares (feat. Chance The Rapper)
  • Black Star-You Already Knew
  • Four Tet-Serious As Your Life (feat. Guilty Simpson) (Jay Dee Remix)
  • Flako-Kuku
  • Redpine & Solo-Smoke City
  • Flying Lotus-Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
  • Amanaz-History Of Man
  • Orlando Julius-Psychedelic Afro-Shop
  • Alienate Eshete-Telantena Zare
  • Fabiano De Nacimiento-Primeira Estrella
  • Moon Dog-Bird's Lament
  • Alex Neri & Frederico Grazzini-Desert Rose
  • Ron Trent-Altered States
  • Garden City Movement-Sorting Things Out
  • LL Cool J-Going Back To Cali
  • David McCullum-The Edge
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Quasimoto-Boom Music
  • Dangerdoom-Benzie Box
  • Jaylib-The Red
  • Oh No-I Can't Help Myself
  • Ronnie Laws And Pressure-Tidal Wave
  • Black Moon-Who Got Da Props
  • Placebo-Humpty Dumpty
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Eugene Gaspard-Holding On
  • Ned Doheny-To Prove My Love
  • P-Funk-P-Funk Era