Paul Cross & Ears Have Eyes



Paul has been in the DJ world & music business since the early 90's, working in various record shops since the age of 17 and clocking in 15 years at DMC he has a massively wide and eclectic taste in music as a result. He now works at Flashback records in London and hosts his own show with us, as well as being part of The Hot Selection.

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  • Matthew Halsall-When The World Was One
  • Badbadnotgood-Here & Now
  • Wu15-Space & Time
  • Harlem Underground-Ain't No Sunshine
  • Gil Scott-Heron - Inner City Blues
  • Timothy McNeally-Sagittarius Black
  • Paul Humphrey + The Cool Aid Chemists-Baby Rice
  • Buguinha Dub-Vitrola Adub
  • Billy Cobham-Stratus
  • Carrie Cleveland-Love Will Set You Free
  • Hello Skinny-Crush
  • Nuyorican Soul-The Nervous Track
  • Chocky-Tooltime
  • Henry Wu-Shahada
  • Lord Raja-Shook
  • Elysia-The Drop Off Rough
  • STL-Knowledge
  • Cvbox-Untitled
  • Audiojack-Nefelibata
  • J.G Wilkes-Jaxon
  • World Of Batter-This Is A Modern Drugs Party
  • Moire-Mirrors
  • Paranoid London-300 3Hangovers A Year
  • Mutiny-The Virus
  • Gifted &Blessed-The Beginner
  • Tilman-Root Segments
  • Hyper On Experience-Lords Of The Null Lines