The Pentagon Faceslap



The Pentagon Faceslap’s Ethan Saunders & Tim Smith play dusty hip-hop, soul, no wave, Krautrock and more.

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  • The Charmels-As Long as I Got You
  • E Rodney Jones and Friends-Soul Heaven
  • The Charmels-As Long as I Got You
  • Kim Weston-Eleanor Rigby
  • Shocking Blue-Hot Sand
  • Gang of Four-Damaged Goods
  • Gabor Szabo-The Beat Goes On
  • John Lee Hooker-It Serve You Right to Suffer
  • The Gil Evans Orchestra-Voodoo Chile (Cover)
  • Tractor-Shubunkin
  • Donovan-Get Thy Bearings
  • Sam Rivers & Mario Schiano-Earth Dance
  • Jose "Chepitov" Areas-Bambeyoko
  • Southern Energy Ensemble-Third House
  • Archie Shepp-Rumba de Rua
  • John Coltrane-Ole
  • Mike Logo-Wyyowa
  • Curtis Mayfield-Underground
  • David Axelrod-A Divine Image
  • Claude Peloquin-Black Spagetti
  • Miller/ Coxhill-One For You
  • Flying Island-The Vision and the Voice (Part 2)
  • King Crimson-Larks' Tougues in Aspic
  • Embryo-Revenge
  • Half Japanese-Real Cool Time
  • San Ul Lim-As My Lies On Silk