The Pentagon Faceslap



The Pentagon Faceslap’s Ethan Saunders & Tim Smith play dusty hip-hop, soul, no wave, Krautrock and more.

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  • Screamin Jay Hawkins-I Put a Spell On You
  • The Alchemist-Death Wish
  • The Alchemist-Death Wish
  • Ice Cube-America's Most Wanted
  • Freddie Gibbs-Deeper
  • Doctor Octagon-Earth People
  • Ab Soul-Turn Me Up
  • Sean Price-Onion Head (Jewbei Remix)
  • Capitol Steez-Vibe Ratings
  • Ghostface Killah-Charlie Brown (Remix)
  • Chris Harwood-Wooden Ships
  • Spirit-The Other Song
  • Martin Luther King-I Got to Go Back to The Valley
  • Jose Chepito Areas-Bambeyoko
  • Aleke Kanonu-Mother's Day
  • Henry Mancini-Here's Looking at You
  • Victor Taiwo-Digital Kids (Ft Jessie James Solomon)
  • Bobby Raps & Corbin-Frozen Tundra
  • Black Men United-Shut Up and Dance
  • Worlds Fair-Sammy Sosa
  • Its Nate-Savage
  • Magma-Udu Wudu
  • Медео-Путь К Солнцу, Сюита
  • Organized Confusion-Fudge Pudge
  • The Alchemist-Retarded Aligator's
  • Stinkin Slumrock-Words 2 Wazu
  • Yultra Wave Visions-The One