Perc stepped up to NTS for a residency in November of 2014. Playing through inspirations and references, Perc sums up well humoured but aggro British techno – dishing out slammers in the midst of a wall of crackling industrial noise. These will leave a bruise.

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  • Aphex Twin-Rhubarb
  • Liaison-D-Heart-Beat
  • Black Rain-Lo Tek Music
  • Link & E621-Antacid II
  • Psyche-Street Stomper
  • Shawn Phillips-World In Action
  • Lucy-Ter
  • Underworld-Bruce Lee (Mixronauts Remix)
  • Throbbing Gristle-Walk About
  • Pinch And Shackleton-Burning Blood
  • DJ Hype-Chopper
  • Lou Reed-Metal Machine Music Part IV
  • Photek-UFO
  • Container-Protrusion
  • Phillip Glass-Religion
  • Perc-15 Years of Perc Trax Mix
  • Happy Mondays-Hallelujah (Deadstock Mix)
  • Annika-Yang Yang
  • A Guy Called Gerald-Dreaming Of You
  • Zola Jesus-Clay Bodies
  • Jack Prongo-Movin' Through Your System (Dave Clark Remix)