Perfect Sound Forever



Enter the reveries of Perfect Sound Forever - a two-hour excursion through the various strains of psych, dream-pop and all kinds of ambience; from film soundtracks through to old cassettes... Deep music primed for late night listening.

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  • Date Palms-Honey Dune
  • Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper-Saudade Do Santos-o-Vehlos
  • Alice Coltrane-Hare Krishna
  • The Tower Recordings-Ray Of Reynardine
  • Ariel Kalma-Message 18.10.77
  • Sun City Girls-Shin Paku
  • Muslimgauze-Afghan Black
  • Taj Mahal Travellers-IV
  • Marc Barreca-Xenophobia
  • Cluster & Eno-One
  • Natural Snow Buildings-A Ten Guardian-Spirits Motherfucker
  • Double Leopards-Druid Spectre
  • Flying Saucer Attack-Feedback Song
  • Randall McClellan-Across Clouds of Distance Past
  • Stereolab & Nurse With Wound-Simple Headphone Mind