Perfect Sound Forever w/ Les Halles



Perfect Sound Forever trips us out once a month with a typically glistening range of psych, kosmische, drone, ambience and more. See you on the astral plane.

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  • Matthewdavid-Dancing Ganesh
  • Lichens-Vevor of Agassou
  • Windy & Carl-Ode To Spaceman
  • Vito Ricci-Deep Felt Music
  • Damon Palermo-Yoga AM
  • Vox Populi-De La Cohorte Mystique
  • Cosey Fanni Tutti-Ritual Awakening
  • Yoshio Ojima-#1 (11-02)
  • Finis Africa-EL Baile De Sara
  • James Ferraro-Geko Afterlife HD
  • Les Halles-Guest Mix
  • Wes Tirey-Morning Hymn
  • Human Flesh-Second Mirage
  • Bing & Ruth-Police police police police
  • Takagi Masakatsu-Wonderland
  • Sean McCann-This was nearly mine
  • Visible Cloaks-Excerpt
  • Ray Fenwick-Interview for five voice (excerpt)
  • Ashan-Mystery Revealing
  • Sparkling Wide Pressure-Taste fortune
  • Federico Durand-El pequeño puente de madera
  • Guenter Schlienz-Reel-to-reel & modular synthetizer