Perfect Sound Forever w/ Astral Industries



Enter the reveries of Perfect Sound Forever - a two-hour excursion through the various strains of psych, dream-pop and all kinds of ambience; from film soundtracks through to old cassettes... Deep music primed for late night listening.

This month Astral Industries join the show, if you like their mix you can check their releases by following this link: Bandcamp

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  • Hiroki Okano-Kagome
  • Alex Crispin-High Vibration
  • RAMZi-For Vanda
  • Bourbonese Qualk-Miramar
  • Millions Brazilians -VI
  • Light-Plant And The Land
  • Gaussian Curve-Ceremony
  • Edgar Froese-Maroubra Bay
  • Cabaret Du Ciel-TV SKY
  • Chris Carter-Solidit
  • Gregory Simon-Himalayan Afternoon
  • Stereolab-Anamorphose
  • Lightdreams-Voiceless Voice
  • Astral Industries -Guest Mix
  • Unknown-???
  • Sohrab-Susanna
  • Unknown-???
  • Heavenly Music Corporation-Energy Portal
  • Aconoym-Aftermath
  • Heavenly Music Corporation-Nautilus
  • Susumu Yokota-Gekkoh
  • Andrew Pekler-Humidity Index / Khao Sok (Chopped And Screwed)
  • Unknown-???
  • Masayoshi Fujita, Jan Jelinek-Cin
  • K. Leimer-Life Of The Poet