Melon Magic w/ Powell & Jaime



Late night pratting around with Powell and friends to pungent acid, fruity new beat and mouldy old bits that have gone a bit blue in the bowl. Guest mixes from the world’s biggest weirdos most months.

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  • Consumer Electronics-Murder the Masses
  • Force Legato-System
  • Powell-Club Music [Ancient Methods ‘Körpersäure91' Remix]
  • Powell-Untitled
  • Dome-Because We Must [Version 2]
  • X-TG - Unknown
  • N/A-N/A
  • African Head Charge-Elastic
  • Green Gums-Tap Dancing Goat Man
  • 3 Times 6-You Can Run [Hypnotic Mix]
  • Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era-Let Your Mind Be Free
  • Zsa Zsa La Boum-Something Scary
  • Powell-Should’ve Been a Drummer
  • NHK-953
  • Jeff Mills-Automatic
  • Wevie Stonder-The Bollard Tune
  • Die Krupps-Dawning of Doom
  • Powell-Untitled
  • Code 071-A London Sumtin'
  • Phobian-Batting Clean Up
  • Psyche-Splattered Nerves
  • Asss-Taxi Helms
  • $hit & $hine-Can't Be Trusted
  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood-Welcome To The Pleasure Dome [Trevor Horn Remix]
  • Martin Rev-Rocking Horse
  • James T. Cotton-Don’t Even Try It
  • Hidden Agenda-Dispatches
  • Russell Haswell-One Take Dub
  • Beau Wanzer-Slow Down Sir
  • Prostitutes-Side Effects of Living
  • Chris & Cosey-Lost