Melon Magic w/ Powell & Lorenzo Senni



Late night pratting around with Powell and friends to pungent acid, fruity new beat and mouldy old bits that have gone a bit blue in the bowl. Guest mixes from the world’s biggest weirdos most months.

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  • The Shandells-Gorilla
  • Noisecontrollers-Destroyer of Worlds (Edit)
  • Wippenberg-Neurodancer (Original Mix)
  • Legend B-Lost In Love (Original Mix)
  • JL-The Future
  • Etienne Picard-Get Up
  • Westbam-Wizards Of The Sonic (Part 1)
  • Jens-Loops & Tings > Fruit Loops Remix
  • Forkman-Bush Booby
  • Storm-Storm
  • Aurora Borealis-The Milky Way
  • Proxyma-Other Worlds
  • Paperclip People- The Climax (PCP Version)
  • Drome-Hoax (What Did You Got?)
  • Ralphie B-Bullfrog (Original Mix)
  • Lorenzo Senni-Digital 'A Tzunami
  • Aisha Devi-Throat Dub (The Hieroglyphic Being Experience 9)