Power Lunches w/ Pub Classics



Dalston’s best arts cafe takes to the airwaves for two hours: keeping it punk, listen out for the sounds of the gutter - no wave and that real tube distortion.

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  • Silver Apples-I Have Known Love
  • Sheer Mag-Fan The Flames
  • Fleshworld-Poolside Boys
  • Olivia Neutron John-16 Beat
  • Eurythmics-4/4 in Leather
  • Kallas Kid-Beaches
  • Puff Pieces-Psychological Test
  • French Vanilla-What's The Point (Of Another White Punk Band)
  • Robert Sotelo Group-Keepers
  • Crass-Shaved Women
  • Double Dagger-luxury condos for the poor
  • The Love Triangle-Secret Grip
  • Red C-Pressure's On
  • Sissy-Gave Birth To A Mum
  • Lifetones-Good Side
  • Teenage Cool Kids-Volvo to a kiss
  • ovlov-great crocodile
  • cancer kids-let's get blacklisted
  • bullets in-conceive
  • coneheads-psycho killer
  • no form-Barrier
  • vanity-vain in life
  • dustin wong-infinite love
  • Priests-Modern Love
  • Downtown Boys-Future love
  • Pink Section-Safety Instructiuon
  • Big Boys-TV
  • Active Ingredients-hyper exaggeration
  • Nocturnal Projections-In Purgatory
  • Critical Dad-Betty's Hong Kong Parts
  • Androids Of Mu-Bored Housewives
  • Prude Boys-Devil Was Adopted
  • Slant 6-Nixe X Nine
  • Martha-The Historian
  • Rebel Kind-Motorcycle Man
  • Chandra-Opposite
  • Sister Mantos-Always
  • EMOTIONAL-Hawaii