Precious Metals w/ Endgame & Organ Tapes



EndgamE’s Precious Metals lines up the latest in the sounds of the underbelly: drill, auto-tune serenades and dancehall. 808 snares rattle like uzis, deep synths sing out like a foghorn through the spray – both grime and hip-hop, tunes for the club and tunes for the car. Lock in.

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  • Unknown-As Long As Rope Unravel Fake Rolex Will Travel
  • Unknown-ssfx
  • Ksupreme-Uzi ft. Chief Keef
  • Unknown-Panic Glue [Demo]
  • Sowhatimdead x Yvncc-Rock N Roll
  • Playboi Carti-Magnolia
  • Unknown-Violence Sumtiems
  • Reeko Squeeze-Confused ft. Dimzy x Scribz
  • Tyga Paw-All The Things She Meant To Say
  • B.Yhzz-Untitled (Endgame Remix)
  • Sir Spyro-Topper Top
  • Shyqa-Betraying (Wrack Remix)
  • Estoc-Freak On A Leash v2
  • Eterna-Spill
  • Organ Tapes-Untitled
  • rAHHH-Clouds
  • Swarmz-Money
  • Endgame x Organ Tapes-Untitled
  • Yayoyanoh x Organ Tapes-Stunt
  • Young Thug-Safe
  • Meleka-Go (rAHHH Edit)
  • Lil Emo x Jaxx D. Silva-K.O.
  • Murda Beatz-Roller Coasters ft. 24 Hrs