Prosumer & Fryer - Athens Of The North



Berlin techno aficionado Prosumer lays it out for all the wannabes. A harmonious lecture in house and soul, Prosumer’s here to share.

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  • A. More-Twilight
  • The Human League-Circus Of Death
  • The Residents-Six Things To A Cycle Pt 5
  • Suzanne Ciani-Sound Of A Dream, Atari Corporate Tag, Princess With Orange Feet
  • Amos & Crew-Closed Off
  • Wolfgang Riechmann-Abendlicht
  • Talk Talk-April 5th
  • Jan Kimberly-Healthy Economy
  • Bing Ji Ling-Hangin’ On A String (Lexx Reconstruction)
  • Patrice Rushen-Feels So Real
  • Minako Yoshida-Shooting Star Of Love Pt2
  • The KG-Show Me
  • Dionne Warwick-I’m Just Being Myself
  • B.A.B Band-Party And Get On Down
  • Machine-My Baby Loves Me
  • The Techniques-Disco Jungle
  • Debra Hurd-Tell Me You Love Me
  • Sparkling Brown Sugar-Come As You Are
  • Atlantic Star-Don’t Abuse My Love
  • Flora Purim-Overture
  • Norman Conners-Be There In The Morning
  • Sting-Only You
  • Tarika Blue-Truth Is The Key
  • Symbol 8-I Thought You Wanted To Dance
  • Marvin Gaye-Life Is For Learning
  • Deep Heat-Do It Again
  • Dan Curtin-End
  • Jack Smooth-The Running Status
  • SW-Reminder Part Three
  • Aardvarck-Smurf