Radio Fenriz



Gylve Fenris Nagell is better known as Fenriz, and maybe best known as half of the duo, Darkthrone. Radio Fenriz lets the man loose on channel 2 for a full 60 minutes every month - expect a round up of the best metal around...

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  • INFERNAL CURSE-sin of iblis
  • DEATHRAID-asphyctic
  • OCCULT BURIAL-hades son
  • ACCIDENTE-yo misma
  • TOMBSTONED-pretending to live
  • ARMOURED ANGEL-communion
  • ORANSSI PAZUZU-saturaatio
  • BRIDGE TO MARS-river of dissilusion
  • MORK-hudbreiderens gevir HALDEN,
  • ALTARAGE-drevicet
  • DEATHCULT-deathcult
  • MALOKARPATAN-na krillach cemnoty do horskych รบ