The Numero Group



Chicago-based archival record label, The Numero Group, host a deep-digging once a month show. Expect comprehensive round ups from their crates, picking out the best old music and reissues, as well as some jubilant nerdy record chat.

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  • Bernadette Carroll-Heavenly
  • The Four J’s-Will You Be My Love
  • The Voices-Fall In Love Again
  • The Belles-Melvin
  • Vickie & The Van Dykes-I Wanna Be A Winner
  • Paulette & The Cupids-He’ll Wait On Me
  • The Tonettes-I Gotta Know
  • Hill Sisters-My Lover
  • Judi & the Affections-Dum Dum De Dip
  • The Rayons-Baby Be Good
  • The Chapells-You’re Acting Kind Of Strange
  • The Shades-I Won’t Cry
  • Bernadette Carroll-Laughing On The Outside
  • Vickie & The Van Dykes-Baby I’m Crying
  • The Monzas-Where Is The Love
  • Marilyn Calloway & the 4 Silvertones-Shut Up
  • The Vandelettes-A Love Of Mine
  • The Falconettes-After All
  • The Dreamliners-Just Me And You
  • Vickie & The Van Dykes-Outcast
  • The Devilettes-I’ll Say Yes
  • Dot & The Velvelettes-Searching For My Man
  • The Devotions-Same Old Sweet Lovin’
  • The Falconettes-The World We Love In
  • Bernadette Carroll-When We’re Older
  • Unknown (Group from Memphis)-I Love You For All Seasons (Accapella)