Radio Jiro - Klauze Netzle Special



Radio Jiro is the two hour show of artist Jiro Bevis, every 4 weeks, Monday 2-4pm. The show features a wide variety of sounds from across the globe with previous specials covering themes such as Meditation, Italian, UK punk, Japanese Techno-Pop, Library and French.

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  • Claude Larson-Marabout
  • Claude Larson-Venus Flytrap
  • Claude Larson-Wave Sequences
  • Delle Haensch & Claude Larson-Soul City
  • Claude Larson  (1)-Hop Skip Jump
  • Carlos Futura-Bach For Bachelors
  • Claude Larson (1)-Earth
  • Claude Larson (2)-Surf Scene
  • Claude Larson (3)-Savannah
  • Claude Larson (4)-Mosquito
  • Claude Larson (5)-Panorama
  • Raven Kane & Klaus Netzle-Updated
  • Carlos Futura-Karmasutra
  • Tri Atma & Gyan Nishabda-Mikrokosmos
  • Claude Larson (6)-64k Run
  • VC-People - Dance Macabre
  • Claude Larson-Early Morning Jogger
  • Tri Atma & Gyan Nishabda-Neun Muscheln
  • Claude Larson (7)-Digital Landscape
  • Patchwork-Jacaranda
  • Claude Larson (8)-Climax
  • Claude Larson (9)-Yellow Invasion
  • Raven Kane & Klaus Netzle-Magnetic Tension
  • Klaus Netzle-Celebrate The Morning
  • VC-People - Castle On The Hill
  • Claude Larson (10)-Silicium
  • David Bowie-Somebody Up There Likes Me