Radio Jiro



Radio Jiro is the two hour show of artist Jiro Bevis, every 4 weeks, Monday 2-4pm. The show features a wide variety of sounds from across the globe with previous specials covering themes such as Meditation, Italian, UK punk, Japanese Techno-Pop, Library and French.

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  • Robert Wyatt-On The Town Square
  • Neil Ardley-Glittering Circles
  • Richard Sanderson-Check On The List
  • Iam Siam-Talk to Me
  • Camaro's Gang-Beast Day
  • Matt Bianco-Half A Minute
  • OPM-In And Out Of Love
  • Neon-Fade To Gray
  • F.O.E.-In My Jungle
  • Fancy-Come Inside
  • It's Immaterial-Draving Away Fron Home (Wicked Weather For Walking)
  • Young Marco remix of Vangelis Katsoulis-Enigma
  • Albion-Mambo Steel
  • Kasso-Baby Doll
  • Frisk The Frog-Rap'n Roll
  • The Rolling Stones-Too Much (Dance Version)
  • Siedah Garrett-k.i.s.s.i.n.g. (acid bass line edit)
  • Phono-Music Is My Sex
  • Inner City-Praise (May Day mix)
  • Daniel Grau-El Leon Baliarin (original from Leon Baliarin 1980)
  • Mind Lotion-Rainbow Delta
  • Il Volo-Il Canto Del Praistoria
  • The Quick-All Hung Up On You