The Wire Magazine Present Rewired



The Wire magazine's daytime adventures on air presented by Shane Woolman & Daisy Hyde, broadcast every other Thursday between 6-8pm.

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  • Raleigh Moncrief-Reflect That
  • Kelpe-Answered
  • Kab Driver-Hank Bewlington
  • Peaking Lights-Dream Beat (Cole MGN Dreamix)
  • Inga Copeland-Speak
  • Fracture & Neptune-Clissold
  • KHING KANG KING-Metal On Oxtongue
  • Dj Clap-Secret
  • Secret Circuit-Exalter
  • ELOQ-C'mon (Slugabed Remix)
  • Yor -Sublimation
  • SEPALCURE-The Water's Fine
  • Amit-Don't Forget Your Roots feat Rani
  • PRETTYBWOY-Kissin' u