The Wire Magazine Present Rewired



The Wire magazine's daytime adventures on air presented by Shane Woolman & Daisy Hyde, broadcast every other Thursday between 6-8pm.

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  • Hubert Porter and the Jamaica Calypso Funmakers-Marys Lamb
  • Mad Professor-The Sound Tester (Sound crash)
  • D'Angelo & the vangards-Betray my Heart
  • Senking-Closing Eyes (Summer Mix)
  • M.E.S.H-Infra-Dawn
  • Matrixxman-Cybernetic Implant
  • Miccachu-Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling Ill
  • Chra-Birdtrap
  • Jahiliyya Fields-Any Object of Desire
  • Laika-Let Me Sleep
  • Samba Toure-Gandadiko
  • Hanetration-Phretasmeo
  • Grouper-Clearing
  • Daddy Freddy-Long Way
  • DJ Clent-Look Swole featuring DJ Milton
  • Barbara Ford-Frostbite
  • Steve Gunn & The Black Twig Pickers-Dive For the Pearl
  • Braille-Everyones Crazy
  • Shelley Parker-Noise Floor
  • Asusu-Serra
  • Connie Converse-Playboy of the Western World
  • Kalbata & Mixmonster-Inna Skateland (feat. Puddy Roots)